E-Business Suite:

The Equity Capital Solutions e-business application is here. It is an e-business stockbroking

application (online real-time) with exceptional value driven experience.

 Access your stockbroking account(s) - CSCS and Statement of Account

 View your Portfolio Status for informed investment decision

 Give Online Stock Purchase or Sales Mandates

 Download and Print Forms

 View or Print Sales and Purchases Contract Notes

 Access Daily and Weekly Market Reports

 Access Analysts Reviews of Listed Companies and

Corporate Actions

To have access

1. Send an SMS to 08134803750 (with your full name and email address)

requesting access details (USERNAME & EMAIL); or

2. Send an email to clientservices@equitycapitalsolution-ng.com

or to notifications@equitycapitalsolution-ng.com.

We are available to guide and support you as you seek to grow and preserve

your investment.

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Sunday, 12th July, 2020
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